Our 5th and 4th Grade Bloggers

  • March 12, 2015

Our current atmosphere in 5th grade revolves around creating our play, and
meeting with TA-DA! once weekly, where they finalize our script and begin
the process of directing and staging the play. This year’s play is titled:
“To do or not to do homework, that is the question” .
Marlie Buehler, 5th grade Advisor

I wish we could go ice skating again. I like TA-DA!  I want to see what the
whole play is like.
Joker, aka Maria W.

We started TA-DA last Thursday.
Capeman, aka Matthew

Today, if we finish homework, we get to go to crafts. It is fun.  And do not
forget chess.

Right now in Abundant Waters what 5th grade is doing is TA-DA every
Mariah V.

In Abundant Waters today we are working on a play and laying down some
That one guy who blogs

We are working on a play.
Flash, aka Nathaniel

I did math today in Abundant Waters. I hope I make it to crafts so I can ask
Mrs. Welcome if I can take my knitting home. Tomorrow I have to remind Ms.
Buehler to do Scholastic News. I talked to Ms. Buehler about some
complicated stuff about my father.

Right now I am doing tutoring with Ms. Andrea. It’s fun.
Gabriel, 4th grade