New Insights from our 4th and 5th Graders!

  • April 13, 2015

Marquis–I like that I’m on the basketball team. At first I wasn’t going to.
Our 1st game was on Friday (3/27). We lost by only 7 pts. I’ve played in
games against other teams, but not against other schools.  I enjoyed it. Our
coach, Ms. Conway, said that we did a great job. I think she’s a great

Danielle–I think I like the dance. Very creative moves. The teacher told me
I have a good body but I need to learn how to use it correctly.

Jalia–What I think about the basketball game. It’s fun. You try your best,
even though you’re not that good, you still try your best. Plus, the girls on
the other team were really tall and really good. We lost by a lot, but maybe
next time we might win. Practice, practice.  There was a girl on our team
named Victoria who forgot to bring her sneakers and wore boots because it
rained that day. But I did the kindness and let her borrow my sneakers. They
fit perfectly. So she could play the last quarter.  She didn’t get to play
for almost the whole game. Then she played to the end. Sincerely, Jalia.
P.S. I changed my name in the play to Zeena Warrior.

Kimberlyn–In TA-DA we are doing some changes in the play to do it better.
Mariah W. came up with some good ideas for more jokes. I was thinking if I
still change my name (Texter) in the play or not. But I think not.  For
dancing class I missed it, but I wish I was there. I love dancing, but it’s
sometimes hard to let it out and dance in front of people.

Mariah V.–I think that homework is easier when you have people to help and
you don’t get it.  TA-DA is fun. We get to play games with Ms. Vickie and we
discuss the play what we can change and what we can add.  I wasn’t there in
dance class but I’m looking forward to it.

Natalie–What am I doing?  I missed two days and they were important days.
TA-DA and dance. I started TA-DA in 4th grade and I felt nervous to do it,
but then throughout the year I felt more like expressing myself, so now I am
used to it.  I’ll talk about dance next time.

Mariah W.–TA-DA. I think TA-DA is a very cool program because it helps kids
express themselves, because we have games and it makes kids excited, and it
gives kids ideas about plays. TA-DA is fun because when you have a play you
get to let all your ideas out and share with the people and they might agree
with you.  Basketball was exciting and when I was on the court I felt free
to run and play because that is my favorite sport, and running. What I liked
about the game was I was doing very good defense. What I liked about the
boy’s game was my brother was doing good defense.  (Mariah W and Marquis are
twins). I think I did good points because I passed the ball a lot and I was
helping them so we could get more points.  I was cheering on for the boys
because they did a very good job and I wanted to help them.  They were
winning but the other team caught up.  Those were my favorite things about
the game. In conclusion that was the best game I ever had.  I think my
teammates did a very good job on defense. I want to compliment Victoria (4th
grade) on a very good lay-up. Roselyn made a two-pointer. The two 6th grade
girls, Rebecca and Arianna did great in dribbling and defense. By the way,
the day of the game was my and my brother’s birthday. Good day.

Kimberly–I don’t quite know what to say. My favorite thing is music. I love
music. I love playing instruments. Music is the  best thing in the whole
entire world. I play guitar, base and tenor recorder, and soprano and alto.
I quit chorus because I like singing but not that much. Plus I get shy
singing in front of people. Piano I play a little but I want to learn more
about piano. And I want to play one of the types of violin.  In conclusion
Mrs. Traxler (PS 51 music teacher and guitar teacher for AW) I the best
teacher in the entire universe.  There is no better music teacher. She’s
nice and a great teacher.  And my birthday is May 21, the same day as our
big show.  I am from Argentina, I came here when I was 2 yrs old. I learned
English in ESL from K to 4th grade.

Jasmine–TA-DA. I like TA-DA a lot.  It’s pretty fun. I like the beans game
a lot.  It’s so funny. Coleman made me laugh and I love chocolate covered
sunflower seeds that Ms. Buehler brings to us.