5th Grade Chronicles

Updated: May 22

March 2022 | Fifth Grade Teachers: Mr. Oliver, Mr. Flavio & Ms. Maria

Look whats happening in 5th grade!

First is the Street Dance program. The 5th graders are learning about street dance, hip hop moves and the history of these dances. The program is for three weeks.

Mr. Oliver, " So far, we have only had one Street Dance lesson but the kids who went really enjoyed it! After some stretching to loosen up, we got into learning some specific moves. We don’t, however, just learn the moves themselves. We also learn a little bit of the history of how these moves were created, who created them, and where they come from."

Next up with 5th grade is Gardening.

Mr. Flavio shared that the 5th graders are busy planting seeds and herbs. They are learning about composting and started one. This class is hands on so they had a chance to get to set up composting and add food scraps for the earthworms. The composting will be used for future planting activities.

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