Pre - K Newsletter "Hibernation"

March 2022 | Pre-K Teachers: Ms. Johanna, Ms. Yoli & Mr. Ethan

As we finish up with our Winter unit, we are concluding the unit with the topic of hibernation. What is hibernation? They shared that when it gets very cold, some animals go into a very long sleep. Some animals collect food, some eat lots of food and some store food. Food is hard to find in the winter. The animal's body temperature drops and eat little or no food during this time. We also looked at where these animals hibernate. In caves, logs, ponds, mud, trees and burrows. We acted out stories, worked on paper mazes to help the animal find their home, learned songs, poems about hibernation and a guess what animal game.

We have come to our last activity with hibernation. During meeting time we read books related to hibernation. One in particular called “Time to Sleep” by Denise Fleming. In this book, Bear is getting ready for his winter sleep. He goes on his journey to tell the other animals it’s time to hibernate.

The books read gave us an idea to write our own story. We started with characters. Each child chose a character, that is an animal that hibernates. They each made their animal using paper plates, construction paper, scissors and glue. After they finished we then started writing our story.

Ms. Johanna proposed questions to help start the story ideas and writing. We picked a setting, the forest and went from there. Let’s think about what our story is going to be about. Do the animals have names? How do we start our story? What are the animals doing? Where are the places they are going to? The animal names are: Ahmed: Bill the Bear Hugo: T the Turtle Jaylin: Bubblegum Snail Aubrey: Arlene the Beaver Bryson: Skunk Tara: Ladybug Ella: Badger

Currently we are working on the scenery for our story. The group decided to make their animals into puppets. We will record and share our story with the families.

Next topic: Spring

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