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Pre-k "Spring"

Updated: May 22, 2022

April 2022 | Second Grade Teachers: Ms. Johanna, Ms. Yoli & Mr. Ethan

Tell us something about Spring?

Bryson: Animals hibernate in the winter and wake up after all the eating in the Spring.

Jaylin: Flowers grow.

Hugo: In Spring I see flowers, grass, sun, rain, blue sky and Easter eggs.

Aubrey: Flowers.

Aurora: In Spring it rains. Ahmed: A rainbow.

After the group shared they decided to draw something in regards to Spring, the conversation then lead to showing and telling us about their drawings. The drawings consisted of flowers, clouds, rain, grass, trees, butterflies, ice cream and people.

We went for a Spring walk in our neighborhood. We walked, observed, documented, and photographed. Each child received a clipboard with questions and markers to draw. They were allowed to take photos of our Spring findings and share them during meeting time.

As we continue with our topic of Spring, we have decided to connect it with our gardening class with Ms. Anne. In gardening class we get to plant, observe what is growing and participate in activities related to gardening. We start off with feeding worms the scraps in our compost.

In last weeks class we met a snail Ms. Anne brought in that was found in the garden. We noticed it’s shell and how it climbs.

We then asked what does the snail need?

Ella: food

Bryson: plants

Hugo: Long Plants, shade

Jaylin: A place to hide

The group went and looked for plants that we could give to the snail to make him a temporary home.

Our recent gardening class lead to learning about Monarch butterflies and milkweed plants. We learned that monarch butterflies like the milkweed plant and that is where they lay their eggs. We also looked at the life cycle and the difference between a female and male monarch.

In the classroom we continued our gardening adventure with creating a mural. We made a milkweed plant, monarch butterflies , grass, soil, and a snail using cardboard, construction paper, paint and other art materials. We will continue to add to it each week as we collaborate with what we are learning in gardening class.

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