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Hi Abundant Waters Parents and Caregivers!

Please see our October Newsletter Edition to see what activities our groups are involved in.

AW Activities:

Gardening: In Gardening Class, Ms. Anne is showing the groups involved what is growing on the rooftop garden. Once a week, groups meet to discuss, explore, garden plants, learn about our environment and compost. Groups learn how to plant their own tulips by digging and planting tulip bulbs.

Arts & Crafts: Ms. Ng is showing us many creative ways we can use paper. Paper projects our groups create include caterpillars, windmills, and fish.

Music: In Music Class with Ms. Rowe, younger groups have music theory, rhythm games, and songs. The older groups have music theory and instrument instruction such as ukulele, beginner and intermediate guitar. YOSL, a music program that teaches violin, viola, and cello to some of our older groups. Movement with Ms. Christina incorporates multicultural music, dance techniques, story, nursery rhymes, and songs with our younger groups to move our body in creative ways.

Reminders and Upcoming Dates

November 3, 2022

Parent Teacher Conferences/No AW

November 8, 2022

Election Day/No AW

​November 11, 2022

Veteran's Day/No AW

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