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1st Grade "Adventures"

Updated: May 22, 2022

March 2022 | First Grade Teachers: Ms.Kimberly. Ms. Felicia and Ms.Melissa

As we take on new adventures of gardening, science and free choice play the group has showed their excitement and interest in these activities. While capturing these wonderful moments of learning and curiosity, I noticed how much they are experiencing. I am in support of the arts and sciences because it is important for children to learn and have exposure to this.

One can see the creativity from the children and the desire to want to learn more about these classes. I recall during free choice time, how they like to play different characters and incorporate nature with what they learned using dress up and other manipulatives. Another important part of the day is reading time and snacks, whether in the classroom or towards the end of the day. Ms. Kimberly has the group listening to a story while they settle down and share their input.

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